In our industry, on a conceptual level, VAS adds great value to the standard service (Application Enablement) offering, spurring subscribers to use their phone more and allowing the operator to drive up their average revenue per user.



•Khushalnama is an agricultural-based service for the rural-based population of the country. Our main target is to save farmers from disasters, aware them regarding livestock challenges, and encourage greater social recognition.


CNIC-MSISDN Pairing Authentication Service (CMPA) :

•The CMPA Service verifies the association of a Mobile Number against a CNIC with the concerned Cellular Mobile Operator. The customer sends the CNIC-Mobile Number Pair in a query and the Service responds with a Yes or No.
Must for the financial sector due to diligence/risk mitigation/fraud control.


Mobile Network Identification (MNI):

•PMD can deliver your SMS Messages to all FOUR CMOs with 100% network discovery; with the USP of the knowledge of Ported Numbers, PMD can deliver SMS to Ported Numbers which currently face many challenges, especially in the Financial Sector.