Industrus is a cutting edge agri tech service provider using IVR and radio transmission as its basic forums of communication Being the first of its kind in South Asia,Industrus caters to the unique needs of millions of farmers across Pakistan. Our purpose is to provide information and assistance to these farmers through the right kind of content including weather, commodity and livestock details in particular.

In order to expand our database with customers we are basically working with telcos and are gradually broadening it further by providing private labelled services to microfinance banks. We intend to enlarge our platform further in the future by tapping other potential areas in the respective discipline.Radio Zamindar is our leading product which helps the farmers interact with a panel of experts along with some flavorful entertainment.


Our Mission

Our mission is to understand the unique needs of millions of farmers across Pakistan providing solutions through agritech information and content.

Our Vision

we aspire to become one of the leading names in agri based technological services across the nation.

Our Core Values

•Honesty     •Trust     •Accountability  
•Commitment to Customers.


Meet Us

Our team consists of individuals that collaborate to attain a common goal.




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1M Subscribers

1.5 M Total Subscribers

3M Daily Promotions

100 thousands Daily Calls