Data Center Deployment & Management solutions

Data Center Deployment & Management solutions :

A network is a complex arrangement of network devices such as routers, switches, interfaces, etc., that interconnects the various computing and storage units in a data center's resource pool to ensure a high level of performance.
Besides, increased network usage and migration of businesses towards datacenter services present a unique challenge where it is important to deploy a network management software for effective network management. Network infrastructure management with professional software allows you to manage, upgrade and monitor your networking platform for optimal service delivery with complete visibility into networking configuration and individual networking components and dependencies.
In a network, the following are some of the important areas that need to be monitored regularly:
I) Real-time availability:
Our networking solution provides comprehensive network health and availability monitoring to ensure peak performance round-the-clock for your network.
It provides complete visibility into all of your network devices and associated interfaces/ ports and WAN links using Cisco IP SLA. It has in-built network monitoring tools that provide real-time dashboards and a multi-level threshold-based alerting system to instantly identify and resolve network issues based on early indications before it causes a network outage.
ii) Bandwidth monitoring:
In any network, it is also essential to analyze bandwidth usage patterns, track application growth and the number of connections, and control excess bandwidth consumption. This helps identify and allocate optimal bandwidth to avoid wasting it or causing traffic congestion that hinders network performance.
iii) Network configuration management:
Network configuration management is a process that is carried out throughout the entire life cycle of an asset in the network and a simple misconfiguration due to human error can cause an outage, loss of revenue and failure to meet service level agreements (SLA) might incur legal repercussions.
Our team along with management, monitoring, and its in-built network configuration module provides comprehensive network device life-cycle and networking configuration management. It handles initial configuration during device additions, changes management with authorization and configuration backups, bulk or complex operations via config lets with scheduling, and enables you to meet various compliance requirements.
iv) Security & Surveillance Solutions
Security and surveillance solutions include access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection/ prevention as well as fire detection systems.
(v) Cloud-based solutions:
We help organizations and companies who are looking to establish their enterprise cloud or accommodate public and hybrid clouds to avoid or minimize up-front IT infrastructure costs. Our team works to find out a proficient and cost-effective solution for their client.
(vi) Support service:
We provide 24/7 on-site, as well as remote support in the following areas:
• Databases, Network & Security (switches/firewall), Data-centers & Call-centers